الاثنين، 24 ديسمبر 2012


It's been 19 years old since I was born. At this moment I am present and it feels good.
I freaked out a little when I started to scope into my memory to find out what did I learn, did and seen from all these years.
Here is what I am sure of:
 I have secret friends, I met them 7 years ago and they still hang out in my brain. They helped me get through intermediate school and they are still helping and that I will never forget.
I have changed not that I asked for it, it just happened.
I also know that no matter how dark some days may seem eventually it will be alright.
I am a collection of pieces from different places , times and people .
I know nothing  about the future but that’s ok, I have a day to live anyway! Why care about the future?
The place I loved the most left me homeless, but it also taught me that home is where the heart is. A great person once told me “your bed is yours” and that’s enough for me.
From now on I will stand tall and work hard on the things that makes feel happy and good. Organizing my life, eat egg sandwiches and watch films.
Can’t forget about my family, they are my favorite people on earth.

Peace from a 19 soul to whoever is reading this.