الأحد، 4 أغسطس 2013

The News

       So, on 2011 I decided to be that person who read the news out of the newspaper and be all "oh i read the newspaper everyday". Surprisingly, I kept doing that until this day ! It's more like a daily thing for me now. This is not a new thing, since I can remember, both of my parents watched the news just like all the parents out there and I for some reason I have  always been interested in watching what is going in the world with them. There is always a point where my father would turn off the tv when i will start talking about politics, but nowadays he shushes me :\ 
Back to the newspaper thing, I have apps on my smartphone that have all the news I need. Same way you check your notifications, emails or FOOD , I check out the news. And just like any other thing this whole "oh i read the newspaper everyday" thing has pros and cons and since i am doing this for a while this is what i noticed.

_ You will know A LOT, you are not alone on this planet and a lot of things are happening ,wars , civil rights cases and so on . This is good for me because that always made me feel that my problems can't be worse than some girl getting shot on her way to collage.
_ It keeps you buys! If i am going somewhere far ,these news will entertain me.
_ Ice breakers ! I usually break the ice with news and that is the only way i know how to break that ice professionally :\
  For Example : if i met someone for the first time and their country happend to suffer with some issues , i will start talking about that until PAAM the ice was just broken.BE AWARE that some people don't like taking about the news and over here in Saudi Arabia there aren't that much of political change or pretty much any political event that you can break the ice with when you meet new Saudis.
_ On twitter there are always new Hash tags about a cause or someone and whenever these hash tags pops on my timeline , I have a small clue of it and I like that. It is better than feeling lost in the conversation

Now to the bad side of everyday reading the news :
_ You will know A LOT , sometimes i know more than my mind can proses. It is not a great feeling to read that much of news especially when you read about those children who get killed for no reason , women getting rapped , wars criminal and so on 
_ Some stories will hunt you ! I will be doing something normal and all of the sudden i would remember a story i read a few months back. I would google it to see what is new with it and if nothing changed, it really brings me down. 
_ My freaking out moment ! I had sooo many of those moments this year. I really try my best to keep it low-key and pretty much to myself but all those amount of news i am reading were no help 
_ Family and Friends, I don't know if this one is bad or a good side about reading the news but having family members living far or even friends who live in their own country and they are under fire or revolutions ! It is not easy and the worse part is that you can't do that much. 

Now, of course  i will keep checking the news just like i check my twitter, whats app and all of those applications. And if you would like to do the same , put on mind that not all news are politics nor sad,there is an article for everything and everyone !

Back at high school, I met my best Egyptian friends and if we could we will talk politics all day long , not all of them of course! at one time we had a pure political breakfast only. GODDAM i am miss that.

Here are my favorite news apps 
Time - the guardian