الجمعة، 25 مايو 2012


To my contacts whither you are from Whatsapp or just my phone .
 It's Not You , It's Me ! < god I always wanted to say that
I hate texting,Whatsapping and pretty much anything thing that includes me writing and waiting for a REPLY . Why wait for a reply while you could call and hear the damn reply ! ya know 
Beside that , I don't trust people's emotions when they express it to me Via texting . A Lot would say or sorry text 'LOL' Like they are laughing but they are really not or some would send you one of those sad faces ':(' and their smile is from ear to ear ! if you send me that sad face i would be worried for you and Shit I don't want to. I don't get it why would we text while we could just call each other and you could call me old fashion but I don't like these new ways of communication where you can find me any\where time .  
AND OF COURSE I am not talkin about LOLing in twitter or even Facebook that's a different subject Yo . 
My only Friend who is pretty much honest of how old school i am is  Alaa ,  she told me to open up my Whatsapp's notification ( coz it's always OFF ) so we could talk all day long and stuff like that , I did that and it wasn't that bad coz lolo and I get along very well , if I didn't reply to her she understands but my other dear contacts don't that's why I shut it back after a week !! 
Back at high school We didn't have Whatsapp , Skype none of that shit . MSN was the only cool stuff that we had and still I ditched my friends . Even then Iman and Alaa used to nag about me not being online . 
The point is I love you and it's not you guys , IT"S ME . 

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