الأحد، 13 مايو 2012

One week in Yemen

The last time I was in Yemen , i was 6 years old . I loved everything about that country,our house ,the weather and the fact that this is where I belong was JUST enough . Since then my father kept on saying that next summer we will leave there again . But next summer came and we didn't go . Until last month!
 Yes !!I am 18 Years old but I want there like it was the summer of 2000 :\
Of course EVERYTHING was different until I saw our old house , our old neighbors and the faces of the people . I knew at that moment that nothing last and we are all going to change eventually . One week was my time and one week I cried my eyes out . My emotions got the best of me , Everything made me cry even the beautiful hot fresh warm bread .
It's funny how I get so attached to a place that I barely have anything in common with but somehow I just know!! ya know?! , you don't know right ? nah .
time for some COOl pics darlings !

 Thats the main door of our house pretty isn't ?!

 I love Sana'a and i can't wait to go back again <3

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