الأحد، 12 مايو 2013

So, Yesterday my friend lost her father. She loved him so much , she is her daddy's little girl. The only reason I am blogging about this is because this whole thing is new for me. I went to her house and it is been a while since the last time i saw her and as soon as i hugged her she cried her eyes out. I hate this ! there is nothing i can do to bring the man who always gave her his back. Surprisingly a hug won't do a shit other than bringing more tears. She knows that i will always be there for her but i am not her father.
I also hate re-discovering the fact that nothing last forever, realizing this again and again is boring, hurting and depressing " this is not new" .

My heart is aching real hard for all what is happening . I hate this too, this piece of organ is aching inside and i can't do something about it. Oh well !

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